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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shows That Weren't On Toonami That Were Cool

Okay so last time I did a list of shows I wish were on Toonami. But here is the thing I tried to stick to shows that aired or produced after 2005 at least with anime. Now for some older stuff. Roughly 2000-2005.

Why? Well Cartoon Network expanded anime in the U.S. and the fandom has a just nostalgia for that but it also creates a ton of blind sports regarding great anime that didn't air on that network so let's go.

The Twelve Kingdoms

I love fantasy anime. Partially because on the medium, but also because due to the fact that their roots aren't Tolkien, but Journey to the West I get cool new settings. That said it's still kind of rare to get a well polished fantasy show. I can list most of them on one hand. Glad to say The Twelve Kingdoms is a deep introspective show that is basically about the nature of leadership.

I high school kid is told basically she's the empress of a far away land filled with monsters and the show is about her coming to grips with that.  Epic levels of character development occur.

Great Teacher Onizuka (G.T.O.)

When I was growing up I kept getting the feeling that most, though admittedly not all, of the adults arouns me didn't understand kids especially teenagers. This is a show about that. So a guy goes into the teaching profession for the compleatly wrong reasons (I kind of like to forget the first episode happened.) but sort of sees his peers for lack of a better word making mistakes with the kids.

Mostly he talks to them and treats them like human beings and that can pull on your heart strings.

Also a side note if you absolutely hate anything animated there a two live action shows based on this franchise.


You know what I said about fantasy shows. Let's do it twice to make it nice. This one is more western fused, but the hero has a bit of an anachronistic attitude that makes it interesting.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Do you miss the frantic craziness of Excel Saga. FLCL too short for you. Then try Magical Shopping Abenobashi. By the way those are great shows. If you haven't seen them give them a shot.  Genre parodies are abound.

Last Exile

Watch it. Great animation. Great characters. Great story. Moreover at the time and even today there is little I can say is similar to it. So check it out.

Plus it was steampunk before it was cool.

King of Bandits Jing and Kino's Journey

These are here for the same reason. Watch the hero bounce around from interesting place to interesting place. Generally there isn't a plot so much as, "Hey where to Next."

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