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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Beef With Family Guy

Alright so I'm on a streak with TV.

A few weeks ago  Bob (MovieBob) Chipman, a columnist with The Escapist did a video about how Family Guy is an alright show that gets way more vitriol than it deserves. And I kind of agree with that. What always sort of ticked me off about Family Guy wasn't that it is a bad show. On the contrary it does on occasion do some genuinely clever stuff.

My beef is that Family Guy is everywhere. Okay this is the same problem I have with Nickelback who I also don't think are as bad as peoples say they are.

Every time I see Family Guy on a network other than Fox, i.e. Adult Swim. I think of all the other shows that could be on it its place.

Let me go back a bit. Adult Swim as a network has always been a split between anime shows and comedy. Hell arguably the first show on the block was Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

But around 2005 i.e. the time the Family Guy craze happened, and Adult Swim started to obtain syndicated comedy shows and more original content so  the 50/50 split shifted. And you know what I didn't mind... when the shows were good. Futurama was great, Aqua Teen Hunger Force was hilarious, and 12 Oz. Mouse was... interesting (Okay I hated 12 Oz Mouse. I thought it was the stupidest, laziest thing ever aired as a show. )

Anyway,  even now I'll admit mostly it was good shows replacing good shows, Metalocolypse, Boondocks, and Venture Brothers were all worth it. But Family Guy is well mediocre. Instead of Korgoth we get Family Guy
And you want to know what really pisses me off. Moribito.

It was a beautifully animated, well written, emotionally gripping anime that was basically an old school wuxia about a warrior woman protecting a disguised prince coming of age. And they only aired the first half of it.

Okay I'm being a little harsh on them lately they've been trying to repent and bring the anime back specifically with New Toonami. But honestly. It's never going to be like it was. Most of the stuff they're airing is stuff I can get from Hulu and Netflix, or stuff I've already seen. Sure, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Ghost in The Shell: SAC are good shows but I've seen every episode...twice.

 Get more stuff like Deadman Wonderland and we'll talk.

Can I get a Roberta's Blood Trail over here?

Or a Michiko & Hatchin dub.

Then again they do have Sword Art Online so s'all good.

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