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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Top 5 Things That Annoy Me About Local Broadcast News

The top 5 things that Annoy Me about local Broadcast news'

I get most of my news online but having a journalism degree I occasionally try to sit through local broadcast news shows. I can only sit through a 20 minutes of them at a time though. Here is why, the top 5 things that annoy me about local broadcast news.

5. Lack of an Online Version
Let me clarify here. I can get some video from the internet, but what I would really like is something closer to what National ABC does. They have it so I can stream video and download audio of their full news shows, not just a 3 minute story package. I can also get both the video and audio of The Today Show on my phone...mp3 player...device...thingy. (Yes folks I'm trying to be funny.) At least to my knowledge, I can't get that from the big four local news networks. (ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC) Another pet peeve of mine which I will explain later could be solved by this.

4. The Formality of the Look.
I get it. You guys need to be taken seriously so you have to dress the part. The problem is even professional fashion has changed in the last 20 years. Dressing the way you do makes you seem out of touch and that is bad. You are supposed to have your fingers on the pulse not 20 years away from it.

3. Weather and Traffic
Again this one is related to my number one pet peeve. Anyway, I and most of the folks I know have a dongle on their computer or phone to find out the weather and they are much more likely to use it than wait for the local news to get around to it. To make matters worse it seems to me like they come back to weather and traffic every 10 minutes. I can get that stuff much easier somewhere else and the time could be devoted to the stuff I can't.

2. News Banter
It does not seem authentic, funny or useful, and it makes scream, "Why!?" at my TV. That is all.

1. The Repetitiveness of Content
I get it. If you're watching the evening news you probably aren't watching it from the beginning, so they try to cycle the content. It still makes it annoying for me. In a two hour news program there is probably only 45 minutes worth of actual content. This mostly has to do with how people consume content now days. Because of Tivo, Netflix and Hulu people can now watch content when they want and start that content at the point where they want, meaning that seeing the same story, especially if it's the same story package more than once really annoys me.

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