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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Review

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Beastie Boys

Wow. Wow. Awesome. The production and beats are mind blowing. The lyrics are great. It's a diverse album with different moods. In all honesty, I can't think of anything bad to say about it. I should have made it a 5 but didn't want to give it a perfect score.

Okay think Miles. Well I guess I'll just have to describe the album. First off there is no part one at least not yet. While the Beasties were in the process of making it MCA was diagnosed with cancer. During his treatment some things got shifted around.

The album has sort of an old school feel with new school production. I have to be honest. One of the things that turns me off in music is when there is no or very little percussion, (I'm looking at you Gorillaz) especially in rap where the beat is half of the goddamned point. The Beasties don't have that problem. Here there will be snares and high hats. The thing is though where an old school production might have stopped after the drums or at least not far from them the Beasties take it further and deeper. If you're going to blend electronica into hip hop this is how you do it. (Scowls at the Black Eyed Peas)

One thing that is sort of weird is that on my system at least sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to hear the lyrics. That said, the production is so good I didn't mind.

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