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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hulu Plus on Xbox Live Thoughts

Recently the Hulu plus service has been made available via a free trial on Xbox live. This is my experience with it so far.

The Good
  • I currently subscribe to Netflix. My personal opinion is that Netflix selection is slightly better, but it was a treat to be able to watch shows that Netflix doesn't offer like the U.K's version of The Office, Daria and The Daily Show.
  • Based on what I seen Hulu gets new shows sooner than Netflix, so on some of the duplicates they have shows that Netflix doesn't.

The Bad
  • While the interface is similar to Netflix there is one weird thing. When switching season descriptions on the page the interface considers it the same page so if I press the x intending to go back it will take me all the way back to the browse page when I intend to just go to another season.
  • While I doubt there is anything they can do about it, the shows have commercials. Again when it comes to duplicates between this and Netflix it makes me choose to watch something on Netflix rather than Hulu. An example is Lewis Black's Root of All Evil.
  • When I signed up for the service I thought I would be able to watch everything I could on Hulu's web service on my TV. I can't. A lot of the shows like the Outer Limits are Web Only.

The Meh
Like I said before, a lot, though not all, of the shows are available on Netflix Instant. In all honesty the services are very similar if you have to choose which one will probably depend on the individual shows you like and how much you use Netflix DVD service.

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