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Friday, August 1, 2014

Wanda Sykes Should Have Been In Pluto Nash


Yeah, I said it. It was fun. And I like movies that are fun. Almost every sci-fi thing these days is grim and gritty. I want my movie about a happenin' night club on the moon. Of course I don't happen to own a copy... but when I saw it as a kid I liked it.

And even as an adult I still think the basic premise and tone of the movie could work. Murphy was more or less reprising his role from Harlem Nights except not trying as hard as he had written and directed that and was visibly more invested. But yeah Nash is basically Sugar Ray Quick ten years later IN SPACE!

Harlem Nights is underrated.

Anyway if your going to put something in space why not a kickass night club.

I think what killed it was people had so little faith in the premise and that Rosario Dawson was miscast. I love her. She's awesome, but Nash himself was a jaded snarky straight man. I know I'm crossing the movie streams but what he needed was a Jerry Lewis.

I still like the idea of the character being a woman, but it have needed to be somebody who could bring the wacky with a straight face. Okay times have gone by and the moment has passed but I wonder what Pluto Nash would have looked like with Wanda Sykes.

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