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Friday, August 1, 2014

Damn It I Want A Pluto Nash Remake

Okay I'm still on this and I haven't watched it in a long time, but you know what I think the reason why people didn't like Pluto Nash is because it's the sort of goofy, campy, science fiction that was just starting make its way into (well back into the mainstream) in the mid 2000's and is definitely niche.

It's one of those types of movies where audiences wouldn't have a grasp on the genre rule book it was working with, namely late 60's early 70's pulp sci-fi. That weird period between The Day The Earth Stood Still, and Star Wars. Heck I don't even think the actors might have got that.

But in this age of nerdvana think what they could do if they got a bunch of writers and actors who dig that stuff and just went nuts with it.

And without the ironic wink wink nudge nudge we know it sucks sort of crap. I mean playing the concept of Sammy Davis Jr. in space absolutely straight. Space mafia. Oh man that would be awesome. Like dudes in zoot suits in space. Ah Ah god. And they would interrupt some weird space band all Cagney like with their laser tommy guns.

"Nuck see. We're taken ova dis here bar. Anybody got a problem with that."


Aw that would be awesome. Man.  And Rosario's character would be Mae Westing it up with the one liners while Pluto was driving a hover car. Ah god. EH or if you want to make a subtle statement about those types of characters you could even gender swap Pluto. Yeah make it so he's like Rin in the first episode.

Well I just found out why I'm so fascinated with Rin.

It's basically Pluto Nash if you replaced space with THE FUTURE but good and with a brain.

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