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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Election Clean-Up

Okay most of the election results can be found at the Oakland County Clerk's site, the Secretary of State's Site, The Oakland Press or The Detroit Free Press but for some quick hits that stuck out to me. .

Southfield Councilman Jeremy Moss won the Democratic Michigan House 35th district primary, Mayor Brenda Lawrence won her primary for the 14th Michigan District U.S. Congress seat  (boy did I call that wrong) and State Senator Vincent Gregory won the 11th Michigan Senate primary by only 117 votes.

Those were most of the races I was paying attention to but the SMART millage passed in Oakland County and Prop 1 won throughout the state.

The more interesting question that I'm wondering is, if Moss goes to Lansing and Lawrence is goes Washington neither of which are foregone conclusions since this was a primary but still very likely, what's going to happen here. I would have to check the city charter, but my guess is there will either be a special election or some sort of appointment and in either case I have no clue who are on those short lists.

Council will probably discuss it next Monday. At least I hope they do.

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