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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Movie Review: The Wolverine

You know the franchise has a lot to answer for after X-men 3, the only movie I truly hated. I can excuse almost anything. "At least it was fun." "It wasn't made for me." "It funds a better movie the director and writer want to do." "It was decent idea that didn't stick the landing" I will defend Twilight. I will shrug off Transformers. I'll even give a giggle at Pluto Nash but X-men 3, that one, that one hurt.

But between this and First Class, they still have me.  The story, especially at the end is the sort of weird wacky science fiction I get a real kick out of and while some of the twists are predictable the movie has so much going on that you forget you saw it coming.

That said while the real villain is complicated he doesn't show up until the last five minutes and the villains we do get until that point are pretty much one note ciphers.

The individual action scenes are a little subpar as well but they're so short and they're so many of them that in the moment you never think about it.  And that's more or less the saving grace of the movie. It moves so fast that it never gives you a chance to think about its individual elements and instead comes together as a pretty fun whole.

It's not the greatest movie ever or even the greatest comic book movie ever but killed two hours in a way that didn't leave me pissed.

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