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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Writing God aka The Hiro Problem

I like Revolution. The first season was okay, but I am really digging this one. Though I must say any plan that involves going though 15 dudes with nary a Bowie knife is probably a bad plan, so don't be surprised when it fails miserably.  Of course if it didn't the show would end at the 20 minute mark.

Anyway not the point. I just got around to watching episode 9 and I found the ending kind of a cop out.

Spoilery recap.

The reason the black out happened was because of a bunch of nanomachines that can do basically anything. For the past few episodes it's apeared that the only person on earth who has any control over said nano machines is Aaron, the kind of nerdy comic relief/morality chain of the group. While he hasn't had direct control over the machines that he does have influence at all makes him nigh omnipotent. And at the end of the episode they take it away.

I was sort of interested in where they were going with this. Revolution takes place in a post apocalyptic wasteland so everybody's solution to any given problem is bowie knife. Don't got bowie knife try fist to face. Lost your fist in a bar fight? The standard uniform of Post-apocalyptia Americana includes the boot.  When we find the cure for cancer it will probably include boot to the head... and one for the wimp.

At least at the start of the show Aaron is a pacifist, a pacifist in a world where everything is trying to kill him. It was interesting seeing an Aaron where he can kill stuff with his mind even when he doesn't want to. And what was going to happen when he did get more control. Would he just chill out at the bar stopping goons or would he go on a quest to remake the world in his image?

I love characters like that but I almost never get them because you can't write God. The solution to every problem would be "tell Aaron and have him blink it out of existence." But you know what that creates new problems that could be pretty interesting. What happens with the types of problems Aaron doesn't know how to or doesn't want to solve.  I mean the series already went on a tangent about how despite good intentions power corrupts with Miles.

It's Hiro all over again. Who didn't love Hiro?  Hiro was awesome.

 If you don't know Heroes. It's basically X-men. Anyway Hiro's powers or time travel and teleportation. "Master of the space-time continuum." Through the use of his power Hiro get's privedged information that shit is going down, but since he like everyone else is new to the hero... that pun got old quick, gig he is still limited. He knows the bad future is coming but doesn't know exactly how to stop it.  And that is his arc in the first season.

The later seasons try to do everything they can short of flatout killing him, seriously he spends a lot of time in a hospital bed, to get him out because time travel solves everything. Season one was brilliant at working around that. Okay you know what's going to happen so stop it crazy man who comes from the future.

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