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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Smallville Season Four Fix Ideas

So I mentioned that the season 4 finale of Smallville is where I more or less quite the show. I would still watch it from time to time. The Cyborg episode was pretty cool, but as for continuous arcs I had given up.  Why?

Well the fourth season had a lot of long term stuff going on from episode to episode and the season finale decided to throw it out the window in the first 5 minutes so we could do Superman 2.

Look I'm sorry General Zod is just not that interesting. He's not. You want a mad dictator?


You want Supes to no longer be the last Son of Krypton. Go with a Supergirl story. But Zod. Really! Zod!

Anyway here's go with my fix.

First Off Recap
I appolgize it's been a while.  But anyway, season four of Smallville revolves around the Krytonian library. Only Clarke really knows what it is, but Lana has a superpowered  evil side that wants it. She doesn't  know what it is but she know it's powerful.

Also Lex wants it. Again he doesn't really know what it is, but realizes that both Clark and Lana or rather Isobel are doing the Spy vs Spy thing over it and surmises the thing must be valuable.

Jor-El has showed up and charged Clark with protecting the thing and making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands going so far as brainwashing him. That's very un Jor-El like, but whatever. The brainwashing creates and alternate personality in the Kent boy, with a familliar name, Kal-El. The first episode and a half of the season were all about getting the brainwashing to wear off.

What It All Set Up

Okay so all of that set up a couple of Interesting points
  • Clark, Chloe, Lois, and Lex all at some point in the season have had alternate of evil personalities. 
  • While Lana doesn't know about Clark's superpowers her alternate personality has been in conflict with him enough times to know he ain't exactly your run of the mill farm boy.
  • Also Lana's alter ego is kind of sadistic. She flat out wants Kent dead. And she wouldn't mind seeing Lex permanently out of the picture either. 
  • I forgot to mention this but yeah, this is the season Chloe found out about Clark.
  • Lex has been resisting the temptation to look into all of the weird stuff that's been going on but he's not an idiot. Clark's been pushing him a little too hard not to look into his secrets. 
  • Furthermore the hunt for the macguffin puts all of these characters into a covert conflict with one another. Nobody wants just open up and say, "Look I gotta do what I got to do, sorry" but they are all in some way shape or form acting against one another. 
  • Chloe has ties to all of these characters and all of the confide to her in some way. 
What I Was Hoping For
  • Lana has to deal with Isobel. So Lana's character arc revolved around her growing fear and paranoia of having this evil thing take over her body. She's been blacking out and loosing time. Not good in the real world but in science fiction, God help you. Even if everything was resolved she still has to emotionally cope with all the stuff that happened. 
  • Isobel's Gambit Out of our trio Isobel has been the most proactive. She knows what she wants and to her it is top priority. Sure Lex wants the library but he also wants to stay on good terms with Clark and Chloe and thinks that pursuing it would damage most of his friendships. I figured that the episode would get the ball into motion with one of her schemes which would force everybody else to respond and be pushed pass their Godzilla thresholds.   
  • Clark Goes Evil The most interesting Superman stories to me all revolve around the point where the situation is so dire that Kent throws out his normal rulebook as well how he and his compatriots deal with the collateral damage, both physical and emotional.  
    Kal-El seems like the magic bullet for that scenario. How would his friends react to that. How would they react to the fact he had that in him and that the possibility that he could choose to become that purposefully.
  • All the major player's alter egos would show up for a kick ass battle royal. Not a lot to say here other than season finale type of stuff.
  • All of the major players would learn Clark was an alien forever altering the status quo of the show When Pete found out he felt betrayed as he should have. How would Lex and Lana carry that? Again this could be the thing that actually made the two enemies. 
  • Finally Lex would be drawn into open conflict with Clark. Part of the draw of Smallville had always been the metatextual knowledge that these two wind up as enemies and this storyline seemed like a good way to go about it. Neither character fully trusted the other at this point and Lex had strong feelings about the fact that someone, unbeknownst to him Clark, had stolen part of the library from him.  
  • Clark would fly. So again one of the things that they teased early in the season was that Clark could fly but didn't know how. And the power became associated with Kal-El. It wouldn't happen until much much later, but I was expecting this to happen at the end of the season. 
  • Clark comes to terms with Jor-El and Krypton So walking toaster Tom Welling was creepy. Clark's entire arc has been about trying to balance the responsibility of the library with not being that guy.  Well Iron Giant did use superman as a metaphor. 

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