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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Once Marathon: Season 1 Episode 2 The Thing You Love The Most

You know the drill let's do this.

Henry is Kind of A Douche
You know Henry is my favorite character but man can he be harsh to Regina.  Her entire thing is being desperate for love and in the early episodes Henry keeps shooting her down. Kid at least be civil.  The show explains that yes. Henry is right, but the characters don't. It makes me want to cut them some slack even Regina.

The How of The Curse
So we know right of the bat there is a curse but this episode seems to be about the how.

Maleficent The Reformed
I love retired monsters. Maleficent comes of pretty good having mellowed from her dragon on the mount days.

Unlike Regina she got over her defeat. Eh you live. You learn you get a pet. It will give you unquestioning loyalty and affection. It has to or no treat.
Anyway she serves a great foil to Regina who wants to watch the world burn.

The scene also establishes that despite her desperation for approval the Regina will betray and harm those she cares about. Then there is her daddy issues. FINISH HIM!

Lies Files and Magic Spells
I think it gets overplayed later but it's interesting how Regina's own actions bite her. She doesn't that you can't "handle" people. At some level you have to be comfortable with the zone of control and other people are outside of the zone of control. When written well it makes her somewhat interesting and nuanced. It's not so much that she's evil it's that she can't deal with the Universes's greatest X factor, people. She's not okay with other people having the choice do act against her wishes and everything else derives from that. She sees that as inherently wrong and can't deal with free will. She has to control people or else they'll have the option to betray or worse abandon her.

And So It Starts
I said the pilot was damn near perfect but in this episode I can see the seeds of everything I hate about this show. Why the hell would Archie lie to cover Regina? It flies in the face of everything we know about him. Also the petty cat fighting between Regina and Emma starts. Like I said in the first episode neither of these characters feels like the true protagonist and I mostly care about them through the lens of Henry. The tree thing just seemed juvenile.

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