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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chloe Should Have Been Lana (Oh God I'm Turning into a Shipper)

When I point to great disappointments in television history my finger always points to Smallville. Don't get me wrong Smallville wasn't a bad show and to be honest I only regularly watched seasons 1-4, but at least in those first four seasons I never thought the show lived up to it's potential.

I ultimately stopped watching for two reasons. First is that, in my head I wrote a better fourth season closer. But more importantly I got tired of the Lana tease. Almost every teaser would imply that this would be the episode where Lana learned Clarke's secret and they would always find a way to backpeddle it. It would be a dream, or someone would get amnesia, or it would be an alternate future. That got old really quick.

Especially since they did that plot halfway decently with Pete. Though they wrote him out eventually the change in status quo between those two characters stuck. In season 2.

By season five as a character Lana ceased being important and that's kind of a drag. In most continuities, Lana was one of the first to know about the whole glasses hair swoosh thing. Like before the ace reporter early.  And it said something about her and Clark's relationship that she would recognize Clark Kent even when he wasn't Clark Kent.

Thinking about all of that made me all the more frustrated that Chloe figured it out and just hid it for like a season and a half. And then I realized something. They just created Chloe for the Tv show yet she seemed like how I always pictured Lana and Clark.

Apart from all the angsting those two didn't seem to actually do anything together.

"I want to be in a relationship."
"I can't"
"Can't tell you."
"That sucks, you jerk."

That is basically every one of their conversations. Not exactly what you'd expect one of Kent's oldest friends and confidants.

They were writing Chloe as how I always thought of Lana in my head.

Why not just cut out the middleman and just call her Lana.

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