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Monday, December 30, 2013

Meatball Heads vs Super Saiyans

So I just watched Madoka Magica.


It was good. More than good, great. But it's also magical girl,  and I have weird feelings about magical girl. Okay I saw it because of Jesuotaku's review and yeah I agree with almost everything she said.  So I'm not going to review it.

I highly recommend it but also let me warn you despite how cute it looks this is not a show for kids. Telling you why would spoil why it's good. But yeah it gets really messed up.

It's one of those shows that made me think. Before I sat down to watch it I jokingly wrote this in my Attack on Titan review. "Every so often I will go on in my head about how the halcyon days of anime are gone. It's all moe and yaoi."

And the more I think about it the more I slightly regret what I said there. Why? Because genres that rely on those to things generally were not written for me. It's okay if I don't like them because I am not their audience.

While I go on and on about the anime "golden age" the thing I tend to forget is that a lot of the anime I had access to as a kid was designed specifically to target the brains of 13-year old boys. And I was a 13-year old boy.

And in a lot of ways magical girl is the female equivalent to shonen fight anime. And damn it they'll take away my shonen fight anime from my cold dead hands.

Let me put it like this. My evolution as a person has been tied to learning when and how to give the, "You have broken nay shattered my unwritten code of honor sir,  and I will stop you  ne'er-do-well" speech.


If I got that with muscly dudes in torn gis with ki attacks why can't girls get it with chicks in fruffy dresses with bubble attacks?

Okay let me back up and say the later seasons of Sailor Moon on Toonami were actually pretty interesting.

Nope not going on about season three of Reboot right now. Nope.

Good times. Good times. Focus Miles!

Anyway I should give magical girl more credit than I do, but I generally don't watch it because yeah I said all that already.

But Madoka Magica was smart enough to make me question all that.

I guess it's time for me to check out that Tenchi Muyo special/spinoff from the bowels of hell.

That's it. Damn it turn it back to the space samurai and pirates.

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