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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Southfield March 4, 2013 City Council Meeting

Note: I missed roughly the first 25 minutes of the meeting, however I will post the PowerPoint from that portion on my blog.

City Council Meeting held on March 4, 2013 in Southfield, Michigan at 5:00 pm

Topics Include
  • An update and meeting with the Southfield Downtown Development Authority (DDA)
  • An update regarding Northland Mall
  • Updates to the police building
  • Municipal building security
  • Civic Center pool repair
An agenda and related documents can be found here

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  1. Greg

    I think your editorial doesn't go far enough and paints the entire Council with inaction when it was only a few. I have been trying to schedule a visioning session since last summer. Ms. Seymour, as chair last year, did not act. In January I scheduled the session for Feb. 28th only to have Mrs. Jordan go on a cruise, Mr. Fracassi go to Florida and Mr. Lantz and Ms. Seymour refuse to attend. As you saw Monday night, Ms. Seymour did everything she could to block rescheduling the session to March 14th and dragged along Mr. Lantz and Mrs. Jordan. Mr. Moss, Mr. Frasier and myself have always wanted to hold the session. Unfortunately, we had a 3-3 tie on Monday night. When we have a tie, the motion fails. Your editorial unfairly makes it appear that the entire Council cancelled the visioning. Not so.


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