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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fictional Cool Old Guy List

This is something I've been meaning to do  for a while. I adapt several aspects of my personality from fictional characters that I admire. One question I continually ask myself is who is the man I want to be and will be. Ultimately that question will be answered with age, thus one archetype of character I always seek to integrate into my personality is the "cool old guy."

Here is a list of my favorite fictional cool old guys

Highlander: The Series

Okay you could easily say that I'm cheating, because biologically Methos is closer to 36ish. But in universe he's the oldest living immortal. He's literally seen it all and done it all. And the thing that I admire, he's the quintessential student of human nature.  He knows people. And he uses it. He's didn't live as long as he has because he's the strongest, but because he's clever.   He's a guile hero, a trait shared by most of these guys. By the way Joe Dawson could also have made the list. By the way guess which one is the real one.


Long Way To Morning on Disney Video

Hudson earned his spot on this list with two sentences. Sentences that I believe will help me for the rest of my days. While locked in mortal combat with an old student in a fight he knows he can't win outright he says this.

"But I know something that you don't, something that comes with age. I know how to wait."

While immediate gratification and resources can be a benefit very often better efficiency and outcomes can be gained by waiting and listening for the most opportune moment. Patience is not only a virtue but an advantage.

Bobby Singer
"Ya Idjit" and Preparation

Bobby is on the list for two reasons. One he's a ornery sonumbitch. I try to hide it but in my head I'm not exactly a nice guy. Of course I figure I'm too young to make enemies. Life is hard enough without people praying for and actively working towards your comeuppance. But I'm waiting until I'm closer to the last great adventure and can honestly say I am out of fucks to give.  Two he's crazy prepared. He acquired a library of one-of-a-kind books and made copies... just in case. He built a supernatural panic room because he "had a weekend off."

Genkai aka Grandma, aka That Crazy Hag
Yu Yu Hakusho
"Dumbass" and Honesty

 Genkai is on this list because she is brutally honest with the protagonist. One of her greatest moments comes when after years of fighting her training from hell her rebellious student returns looking for advice when he's feeling off. His emotional state is actually what kicks off the arc. This student has more or less surpassed her in almost every way. She more or less tells him do what you want. You aren't going to do what I tell you anyway so why pretend otherwise. By the way I still don't know who says dumbass more her or her student Yusuke.

Whitney Ellsworth 
Compassion, Perception

Let's get this out of the way. Ellsworth is played by the same man who played Bobby. Alright apart from that he's the nicest guy in the hive of scum and villainy that is Deadwood, with the possible exceptions of Merrick and Star, he's the most perceptive, or rather he's Deadwood's best judge of character. He knows a badman when he sees one. And knows when someone needs a least an offer of companionship. And like I said he's probably the friendliest guy in the long as you aren't secretly plotting to steal it.

Lester Freaman
The Wire

You want to know the thing I really took away from the Wire. You know all those heroic daring dos. Almost every major accomplishment of mankind can be attributed to somebody, somewhere sitting down and staring paper for a long period of time. Too often people go into things thinking otherwise and they neglect that aspect of things. And in doing so fail to get anything meaningful done.

Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender: "The Crossroads of Destiny"
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In Universe this guy was basically Alexander the Great, then after his son died in combat he re-evaluated his life choices and decided, "enough of that". After a lifetime of conquest he had lost that which was most important to him. The "Dragon of the West" basically did a personality 180 and in doing so sets other character on their paths by reminding them that they can and are choosing who they want to be.

Stargate SG1
"I die free." and Perseverance

Bra'Tec is a guy who knows the odds. He won't fool himself into thinking they're better than they are yet he still fights. That is the type of man he is.  He knows he is fighting a loosing battle against the Go'uld yet if he dies he would die free.

William Adama
Battle Star Galactica

He does his job and makes damn sure everybody else does theirs.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Ultimately Giles' entire character arc is about him learning when to take the leash off his pupil. When to just trust that the people he trained are on it and let them do their jobs.

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