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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Where is MY Alice

So far this season of is pretty good. As I've mentioned before the most frustrating thing about this show is that it almost always makes one or two creative decisions each season that kill it for me and so far that hasn't happened. Sure it feels like at episode six we're at what would be the end of episode 2 if this were a Netflix joint but that's broadcast TV and since I'm watching this week to week instead of binging it doesn't feel as bad.

But there is one thing.

Okay the new Alice is actually pretty good.  But I've always been bummed that the spin-off version never immigrated into the main cast. 

EVERY season of Once Upon a Time is flawed. But Wonderland is probably the best "season"  in the franchise and comes closest to the ideal of what if all of these iconic characters lived together in the same world and had to deal with each other even if at the end of the day it really only amounts to a giant crossover between Aladdin and Alice and Wonderland. 

The spin-off version had a lot of pathos and build up and while the show is satisfying as its own thing it's just a shame that it kind just ends...on a sequel hook never to be.

This new version of Alice, as good as she is,  more or less closes the door on the idea that the spinoff version will EVER integrate with the main cast it just kind of vexes me. Wonderland is one of the best things the series ever produced and it feels like they just junked it, I reiterate, the best part of this whole endeavor. 

By the way Once Upon a Time: Wonderland is available for free on ABC's app if you can I highly recommend you give it a try.

Oh and hey it features Millie Brown before Eleven.

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