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Thursday, November 30, 2017

On Conyers and Franken

Right now I have a visceral hatred of the Republican Party. (And that's not even the state-based stuff I'm pissed about.)

When it comes to Senator Al Franken and now Representative John Conyers I've known for weeks that my absolute repugnance towards the Republican party has been clouding my judgment but there is no counting for emotion.

The argument can be made that right now we need every Democrat in office we can get and I am very tempted to agree with that position.

And then I think about Roy Moore. Am I that bad? Am I one of those guys?

If so I really really don't want to be.

Politics has to be about more than beating the other guy. It has to be about the argument.

I don't know how it happened but the Democrat Party has branded itself as the party that lends an ear to traditionally marginalized groups. In this case specifically, women who are in this moment saying that this type of sexual harassment is an unwanted detriment to their everyday lives and has been for a very long time. 

Anytime this or any other gendered issue comes up in the national conversation the Democrats will no longer be able to claim the moral high ground if they overlook their own problems.

All the opposition will have to do say the words "Franken and Conyers" to claim that the argument is a political ploy initiated in bad faith.

That being said what is really needed is a reform of workplace culture and procedure not just in Congress but in general and that requires more than retribution towards a few bad apples, but without dealing with this it makes cultural and procedural reform much more difficult.

Anybody, not just Republicans but anybody who wants to protect the status quo will not take the problem seriously when the people at the top don't.

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