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Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Map AKA I Need to Get My Ass Out to Macomb

Journalism or activism, or straight up political strategy, my biggest problem is transportation. I simply don't have the money to head to where the action is right now.  When I get over my anger at a general lack of resources in my life my next thought is that last year the map blindsided me. Even before "the crunch", I was constrained to thinking locally because that felt like the where arena I could do the most good with the resources I had. I can't run around "chasing the story". I can't afford to move to Washington. Hell I can't even afford to move to Lansing.

And the 2016 election (not just Trump) proved that just don't cut it. And in reflection, I should have seen it coming. there were a lot of Trump rallies that were just too far out for me to really think about.

It feels like where I'm from most of the folks around me agree with me, at least in the broad outlines when it comes to politics. 

I was and am living in a bubble.

And the reason why at least politically the policies I want in place still have a hard road to travel is that it isn't only the people around me who have a say. I've seen it time and time again. If I am going to politically get what I want a cultural change is going to have to take place in this state regarding how we see government as an institution that provides needed services to people and helps ensure resources are distributed fairly.

I'm there.

It feels like the people around me are there.

But that's just not enough to get stuff done.

In each of the state legislatures, that's just one vote. And dear lord the 2018 and 2020 nationals.

If I'm going to get what I want I need to position myself to help push along the map.

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