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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Econo-Political Problems

I hate Donald Trump.I really do, for a lot of reasons.

But the biggest reason of all is that he's a coagulation totem of problems in my personal life and it's getting harder to divorce my feelings of him from that so let me vent a little.

What Donald Trump represents to me is the apotheosis of the econo-political problem.

A capitalist system depends on the exchange of value.  Or in laymen's terms the flow of money or capital as a store of value. If the money doesn't flow the system breaks down. That value of that money often represents a capacity to act within the economy. As such it's in the individual's and even an organization's interest to accumulate as much money as possible.

On a macro-level money is only useful when it's being ... used or at least has the capacity to be used. But it's in the individual's interest not to use it, to hoard it.  And sometimes this interest can override others. This is the cause of econo-political problems.

There are a lot of problems that have detailed worked out practical solutions save for one thing. The funding to put them into practice. Regardless of all other factors, it's not in the individual's interest to put money into these solutions if there is not a direct and quantitative return on their investment.

And it is maddening.

I see all these problems we could solve, we could fix but we lack the political will.
It's hard to convince the people with the money to put it towards solving these problems when it has been ingrained in them that it's more so in their interest not to. At that point, it's not only the economics that keeps these problems from being solved but the politics. Simply convincing people with the capacity to act (as represented as an accumulation of value) to do so.

I don't know how to do it.

But over and over and over again I see all of these problems we have the ability to solve in both my personal and political life that we simply don't because we don't want to give up the money to do so.

It's the reason things don't get done.

So...  I need to read Das Kapital. Hell even Kaynes was on to this problem.

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