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Sunday, June 19, 2016


You know I said gun control wouldn't be worth blowing the next 3-4 years of stuff I want to get done.

What I didn't say and honestly don't particularly want to say but feel I need to is that the senate vote in particular feels like a showy stunt to make everybody feel like they did something even though it has no chance of succeeding.

It fails. The Democrats complain about the GOP maybe swing a few precincts in the coming election and the status quo is maintained.

It's the easy thing.

Everybody knows the Democrats want gun control and the Republicans are against it.

None of the people in support of gun control have to take any sort of real risk for said token gesture and the people against it have plenty of ways of making sure it doesn't get passed without looking like they're against it getting passed in the aftermath of a massacre.

But you know what would take balls. You know what would require putting skin in the game and would to me at least be worth the legislative stalemate in the aftermath.  

Passing the Equality Act.

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