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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Don't Screw This Up For Me (We need that RTA Millage to Fix Mass Transportation In Metro Detroit)

I need to be more assertive. I'm a bit of a wuss. So okay than.


Public Transportation sucks in Michigan.  And we can get into all the details why is sucks but the big one is lack of regionalism,

There are far far better break downs of this.

But the reason why Detroit... AND the inner ring suburbs suck is because each fiefdom looks out for itself even when they have common interests and you don't have a bigger example of that than mass transportation.

Where communities opt out leaving giant holes in the transportation system both geographically and financially.

And the primary point of the RTA,  is to finally say no.

We aren't playing that game anymore.

Everybody's in or we can just go back to screwing ourselves.

Is it perfect? No. No it's not.  getting the regional transportation system I want would cost a crap ton of money that I ain't getting,  but as a start that actually does something rather than just make empty promises I'll take it.

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