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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bathrooms Are A Litmus Test Dumb Asses

So Friday night I marathoned Orange is the New Black. I had a lot of thoughts and the big one is that being LGBT in this society can make a lot of the other problems of society worse. If you don't have the money, housing, education, police protection, healthcare, legal support or other support structures well that's the back story of half of the characters.

Everything matters.

The truth of the matter is that for a lot of members of the LGBT community all the talk of bathrooms isn't really about bathrooms but trying to get a feel for and perhaps even push the rest of the country into preventing their sexuality or gender identity from being a barrier to access to the stuff everybody else just takes for granted.

On of the biggest things being talked in almost every article I read is the hypocrisy of saying you stand with them now when they know the moment they ask for the stuff they really need you won't fucking be there or worse will be actively campaigning against it.

All the assholes bitching about bathrooms are not going to line up to support the Equality Act which could make a real difference in lives, a real difference in getting people off the streets, in preventing poverty, in preventing sex trafficking, in preventing drug use, in preventing homelessness, in preventing suicide.

And I feel like an asshole saying it but that's what gun control right now feels like to me.

An easy way to say you stand with them now when after the election and a campaign for the Equality Act comes you'll be nowhere to be seen and the damn thing will languish in committee for 20 years.

So let people use the damn bathrooms!

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