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Thursday, June 23, 2016

If You Don't Vote The Republicans Are Right And This Is A Stupid Stunt

I'm actually pretty hostile to the shenanigans that's been going on in congress over the last few weeks.

They are stupid political stunts that aren't going to lead to any meaningful legislation. At least not immediately. And it kind of pisses me off hearing people act like something actually happened. It didn't.

But, there is another way of thinking about this.

It's all about hyping the left up.

For the past few month's the over arching story of the election cycle has been how apathetic the left seems compared to the folks supporting Trump.

The Orlando attacks was a moment where everybody was pissed off and so Congress used it to beat up the right, not because anything will come of it now.

Because they know how the game works.

Despite Rachael Maddow complaining about the GOP every day the real reason Obama can't get anything passed is that we have divided government and have had divided government for six years. He can and does veto a lot of the stuff they pass and in return they won't let anything he wants hit the floor. If people really want stuff to happen, from gun control to pathway to citizenship, it's going to take a swing in power.

And that means people are going to have to take their eyes off of which is probably going to a pretty boring presidential race.

(Let's be honest we all know how its going to go. Trump is going to fire half of his staff, blow through most of his cash, and gaff every other week because he can't help himself.)

And instead focus on making sure that people vote in the congressional, state, and local elections by getting them suuuuper pissed off that the right won't do anything on gun control despite the polls.

Here is the thing it won't matter if Hillary gets elected if she can't do anything because congress won't let any off her legislation get out of committee. So the Dems needed a way to bring focus back on congress instead of whatever stupid thing Trump said or did this week.

And I swear to god it's going to piss me off all the more if all the folks back slapping and yucking it up now don't turn out to fucking vote on election day because otherwise yes the Republicans are right this was a stupid, stupid stunt that never had a chance of actually changing anything..

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