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Friday, September 13, 2013

Why Does Alvis Work?

Okay so I just quit watching  Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing. I stopped around episode 18. While looking through forums and and reviews I kept hearing that among other sins of the series it went out of its way to make the protagonist cutsey.

And I think to myself, in the original, which you can watch legally for free here,  that was a big part possibly even the entire point of Al and I liked her. Hell her defining character moment is being frightened of a toy stuffed goat (about 10 minutes and 30 seconds into the fourth episode), and slowly getting over that fear and gaining enough of an attachment to it that ace pilots would traverse hostile airspace to return it to her. Which sums her up in so many ways.

By the way if I wanted to I could write 10 pages on the symbolism of that goat.

but alas this is not that post.

Al's role as a character, when not being a macguffin key to her universe's super-weapon is that she makes every other non-sociopathic character, and yes on occasion even some of the good guys are unhinged, want to protect her. She makes characters who by all rights have no purpose being involved in the plot force themselves into it for her sake.

All this post is really meant to do is pose a question. Why does Al work as a character and Fam not. I have no clue.

By the way anybody who can make jet turbines work as a hairstyle is okay in my book.

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