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Friday, September 20, 2013

I Will Provide the People of This City With an Outlet That Will Tell All the News Honestly

There are occasions where the medium of film serves as a mirror, a mirror to my thoughts, my dreams, and my self-loathings. At times I draw inspiration from these mirrors in hopes of becoming what I consider to be my true self. Not the man the world gazes upon, but the man I see myself to be in my mind.

I know not how it came to be, but this blog can be a tool for good. A tool to make alert the public and allow them to hold their local government accountable, so that they can make informed decisions and furthermore hold educated conversations about issues of the day, the issues that directly affect them and their families.  

I believe as I must that information and knowledge are the keys to societal change. For change in technology, production, government and culture to exist ideas and information must be allowed to thrive.  I know not what those changes will be, but in order for progress to be made people must have and indeed deserve access to information.  I will admit they may not always seek it but those who do make the effort deserve to have answers for their questions made easily available to them. They deserve to not have to guess and and not have to hope that their concerns are being addressed.

I may not bore into every issue I deem important. I am one small man, but I will share the desert water I do come across. 

Gregory Daniel Miles, Jr.
Also Known As The Cyphered Wolf

P.S. This is the closet thing you're going to get to a Citizen Kane review.

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