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Monday, September 16, 2013

Recent Movies I Like

Okay I'm broke so even though I love movies I don't see many in the theatre. Meaning it takes awhile for me to see movies since I mostly see them on Tv so here is a list of movies that came roughly two or three years ago that I like.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I think this might be my new favorite movie after Scott Pilgrim. My big problem with thrillers is their run and gun nature. But here they get the bad guy by going to a library, poring over records, and conducting interviews. That's what I want.  And that will be why The Wire is forever better than Law and Order in my books.


You know speaking of smart thrillers. I might as well put this one up. What amazes me about argo is the lack of normal machismo. It's not about running and gunning but doing a job. Getting in and getting out with as few problems and possible. Let me back up. Another thing that frustrates me about thrillers is that the protagonists make a lot of the problems by refusing to use anything other than a gun. The way the story, which is based on reality, goes is if these guys get in a shootout they failed and will probably die. The entire plot is about them getting out before the bad guys know where they are.

Rise of Planet of the Apes
I am going to wreck this movie. See part of what makes it good is that it subverts the expectations the marketing gave the audience. But it is a really really smart movie. If you really want to know it's a quasi remake of an older Planet of the Apes movie that while kind of cheasy I have fond memories of.  Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

See the marketing made the film seem like the "rise" was the apes revolting against humanity and taking over the world mostly showing the big climatic battle at the end.  But really  the, "rise" is about the journey and growth of the first intelligent ape. Let me put this way I walked in expecting big stupid stunts with monkeys and got a movie with brains.

Rise of the Guardians

While I will admit I was in a weird head space while watching this movie it made me cry... twice. Other than that while being mostly targeted at kids the movie is fun and has a lot of heart.

Life of Pi

It's a type of movie that I like but almost never see. The sort of metaphysical spiritual movie that is really hard to pull off well. For the last really good one of these I can think of watch or read Five People You Meet in Heaven.


I love superhero movies, but I've seen 'em. I've seen good ones. I've seen bad ones. I've seen 'em. I not exactly tired of the genre but I will be the first to admit that there is a formula here. Chronicle is a superhero movie, but not. Largely because the characters are not superheroes they get super powers, but rather than the big hero-villain stuff the movie focuses on how those powers change their lives. Don't worry though the hero villain stuff is still there.

Captain America

Okay despite everything I just said it is rare that I get a WWII era, golden age, cornbread filled, punching Nazis in the face superhero movie.

Ip Man 2

I love Rocky 4. "Hearts on fire, strong desire, rages deep within." but god is it stupid. If "I can change and you can change then we all can change."If you want Rocky 4, but smart with kickass martial arts. Here you go. In 1950's Hong Kong a brit goes all "my boxing is better than your kung fu" and it is on. You got your Apollo Creed guy, your Ivan Drago guy, and your Rocky guy.

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