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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Waking Dream

So I kind of freaked myself out describing some of the wierd stuff that happens when I don't sleep. Here is one of the things that  freaks me out when I do sleep, the waking dream. From a the perspective of dreams being manifestations of unconscious thoughts I get it, but if freaks me out.

Okay some nights I have stuff to do in the morning so I tell myself, "Okay, Miles there will be no lag time. The moment the lights are on upstairs the lights go on in the room. None of that that snooze button close your eyes while you're technically awake crap. Wake the hell up!"

The dream starts as basically that. My mental state seems to be normal. Cogent. I think how I normally think. BUT I can't wake up. I can't move my body. I can hear external stimuli, but I can't physically respond to it. And it is scary. I'm trapped in my own body. For a period it's like normal. Five more  minutes Mom. But then when I make the decision to actually do something I can't. And I keep trying and trying but I can't. And then I actually do wake up. For real. And remember that crap. And want to know what happened. Why couldn't I move. What was different. It took a while to figure it out. It was in dream so real I didn't know I was dreaming. And that scares me.

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