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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The New Network

The more the world of internet content matures the more it starts to look like the world of traditional content

Divorce of Distribution
The primary difference between traditional media and the internet is the separation between distribution mechanisms and content creation mechanisms. Almost all the major newspapers had a printing press, and a delivery outfit, but internet creators rely on ISPs, video and data webhosting platforms. CBS owns it's own radio tower, but do they still have to rely on ATT and Comcast to get web content out there.

In trying to understand new media business models this is a key distinction, yet it is not new.  That is mostly how cable works.

Anyway a lot of good programing is being distributed through Hulu, Netflix, YouTube ect. that they don't produce. They are middlemen, but because they specialize in the distribution of content it creates a democratization that allows individuals and companies whom couldn't afford the equipment or personal to widely distribute their content to be able to.

The New Network
Content became associated with the means over which it was distributed. In the past the network was tied to it's distribution platform. A television channel was just that. A channel signal. Because both the content and distribution where handled by the same people they became linked. But I don't think YouTube produced Online Gamer, no Reckless Tortuga did. And I don't think iTunes produced Tech News Today, no TWIT did.  The same can be said for Zombie Orpheus,, Revision 3, College Humor, and Geek and Sundry . There is a divorce between content and distribution.  As online content matures it's no longer as individualistic as it once was. What I mean is that a lot of these shows have actors and budgets. It's not just one person making a web series. The content production is more and more starting to mirror actual studio production models, though on a smaller scale.

Furthermore many of these, "web studios" have associations. There are a group of content producers who work for the Escapist Magazine. There are a group who work for That Guy With the Glasses. The new network, not defined so much by their distribution mechanisms but more so by content producer associations.

And in a way these associations are becoming the new network. And I find it incredibly fascinating.

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