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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Philosophy on Cursing (For the record all the cursing in this is to make a point.)

Short Version
Cursing by itself is just words, but an insult is an insult. React accordingly, though keep in mind some people, places and things are acceptable targets. For instance, if anyone is going to yell at me for calling Jeffrey Dahmer a fucking bastard they have problems.

Long Version
Goddamn it people, what the fuck happened to us. We were a country that was founded on the idea that for the status quo to change people had to be free to speak their goddamned minds. If that involves some fucking cursing excuse me!

The moment you start taking out what can and can't be said communication starts breaking down.

A word is a word is a word.

Oh I could start getting erudite in my analysis of how totalitarian governments first start by changing the way people think through censorship, indoctrination and propaganda, and that one of our best defenses against the government impeding on the liberties of man are our rights to freely communicate with each other, through the press, speech, and assembly. And that I refuse to start going down the path of new speak because some words can't be said.

But then again ... fuck it.

That wouldn't amuse me, and damn it, it's Saturday night and I want to laugh my ass off.

The truth of matter is that curse words are often the best words to express emotional intensity, anger, joy, sorrow. These are the words we reserve for emotion.

How do people know I've past the breaking point of the shit, I'm willing to deal with?

"Go fuck yourself!"

While rationality is important we should not even consider doing away with one of the most commonly recognized ways we have for communicating and dealing with extreme emotion.

(Wait. I thought you said you weren't going to be erudite about this. Fuck off!)
The links of brotherhood and humanity are all tied to our ability to express that which makes us feel and to cut ourselves off from it would do us disservice. I feel. Through that which I feel I fight, and I write. (Stop listening to the bard while you type and speak plain, for if you do not, Miles, your words will miss their aim.)

Our rage, our love, our fear, and anger, these are the things that make us human, that which makes us make us sentient. Our drives and motivations. For whatever our sins, our emotions are what drive our greatest triumphs and failures.

To subdue the ways in which we convey them by removing from our vocabulary the words we use to express them, would rob us of that sentience. For what is a word but, a thought? I have a nature nay a right to feel rage, elation, sorrow and love and express such feelings through words and art. (I said stop listening to The Bard already Miles.)

Therefore I shall say, I feel goddamn great after that.

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