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Friday, October 28, 2011

Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch: American Capitalist

Five Finger Death Punch
American Capitalist

With the exception of the metal screams this is a pretty solid album until "Remember Everything" (Track 8) then it falls apart. It starts to turn into a bunch of generic revenge ballads.

Until that point, again with the exception of the metal screams, the vocals are pretty good. The guitar fills the album with a bunch of crunchy riffs. There is definitely a double pedal that's getting a work out. It's not a great album but it's not disappointing or bad either. It wasn't an exercise in patience to listen to. I was actually digging it.

Then "Remember Everything" happens. The album turns into a childish and if may say it musically boring fuck you to anybody the band thinks done it wrong. Don't get me wrong I think revenge songs can be fun. I love "99 Problems."

Ah back when he who sits on the throne actually was king.

Or even "You're so Vain."

The problem with revenge songs though is if you do it wrong you make yourself look like the jackass of the song and that's what these guys did. Even when that's the case I can forgive it when the song is fun enough.

The latter half of American Capitalist just isn't. It just makes the band look like a bunch of whinny little bitches. And I feel bad for them son 'cause I got 99 problems but 'em bitches ain't one.

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