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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Album Review: DJ Shadow: The Less You Know, The Better

DJ Shadow
The Less You Know, The Better

You know those albums our parents speak of as gifts of the gods, The Wall, The White Album, Straight out of Compton, Legend. This is one of those. I've been saying it a lot lately so I don't know if it means as much, but this album is amazing. It's diverse and has something for everybody. It's not about being lumped into a genre it is it's own thing that transcends genre. You go from a crunchy rock riff to an old school rap session between tracks 2 and 3 ("Boarder Crossing" and "Stay the Course") then goes in to a Bob Marley-like ballad ("I've Been Trying').

On the album Shadow is giving us himself, everything he digs and everything he is. And god is it good.

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