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Friday, October 28, 2011

Shotguns and Crosses: Let's Face it When the Apocalypse Comes And That Which Is Wrong Walks the Earth, God Will not Save You Playlist

The Coming of the End (Our Sins Unredeemable)
Bad Things: Jace Everette
When You're Evil: Voltaire
Devil's Night: D12
3 AM: Eminem
Touched: Vast
Judgment Night: Onyx and Biohazard

The Smiting (Revelations)
Returns a King: 300 Soundtrack
L.A. Song: Christian Kane
All Along the Watch Tower: Bear McCreary

The Rise of the Unholy (The Blight Spreads)

Hoist the Colors: Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End Soundtrack
Return of the Machines: 9 Soundtrack
Extreme GhostBusters Theme
Dragula: Rob Zombie

The Scrapes of Humanity Heed The Clarion Call (The Chosen Children)

Terminator Theme
Cells: The Servant
Grocery Store: Zombieland Soundtrack
Hanger 18:Megadeth
Ten Thousand Fists: Disturbed
This Day We Fight:Megadeth
Supermoves: Overseer
Voodoo People: The Prodigy

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