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Monday, September 26, 2011

Controversial Stuff That's Going Down in Town: Golden Corral 9/26/2011

Over roughly they past three months a Golden Corral Restaurant has been attempting to work with the Southfield Michigan Planning Commission and City Council to open a new franchise, however many of the residents have concerns about how the restaurant would affect their neighborhood.

Among their concerns were, traffic, noise, and the possibility of late night activity.

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Note: One of the buildings on the Google map caught fire and burnt down.

The restaurant and residents appeared before the Southfield Planning Commission on July 6 and July 13, 2011. Unfortunately I was not at those meetings meeting and do not have audio from it. However a public hearing took place on July 20, regarding the restaurant.

Here is audio from that public hearing.

In order to further determine how traffic would impact the neighborhood the planning commission ordered a traffic analysis be performed. According to the traffic analysis the traffic around the neighborhood would not be significantly impacted by the restaurant.

However afterwards there were still a few questions. The numbers that were being compared took place when a local school was in session and when the school was not. The commission asked the firm that did the analysis to return the next meeting with more information.

Not long after the restaurant's advocates went before city council.

Tonight, September 26, 2011 two public hearings regarding the restaurant are scheduled to go before city council.

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