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Monday, September 19, 2011

Album Review: Anthrax: Worship Music

Worship Music

Okay so this is a review and I guess I should keep it tied to the album but... hot damn the thrash arms race is back!

It all started back in '08 when Metallica finally got the message and sped the fuck up in Death Magnetic.

Not long after Dave Mustaine and Megadeth answered the call of metal with Endgame.

Note: I know it's a sin against metal but I haven't listened to Slayer's World Painted Blood or Christ Illusion, which in all fairness is really what kicked this bad boy off, yet.

And now 8 years after their last studio album Anthrax throws metal up my ass. It's back. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. Long live the metal!

And that doesn't even include the Big 4 tour.

Now that I have that out of my system, on to the album itself. First off the guitar work is superb, but it somehow doesn't seem as heavy as the other albums I just listed. Not that it's not heavy. It's pretty damn heavy. It's just well these bands have a legacy that's tied together and well I'm going to compare them. All in all I think Endgame is a better album. Again that's not to say that this is a bad album. It's just that out of the big four I always felt Megadeth had the best musicianship, and after the last slew of albums my opinion on that hasn't changed.

But really that doesn't matter. I'm just glad that all these bands are doing their thing and that metal is back. Hell did it even go anywhere?

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