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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Controversial Stuff That's Goin' Down in Town 9/18/2011 Part 1: Smart Meters

The reason why I generally only post audio of City Council meetings is because I really don't trust myself enough to write objectively and accurately about some of the issues. That's what I like about the tape. It is a fairer and more accurate record of what was said than I can give if I were just to blather on about it. I still don't think this will be better but I think I owe it to folks who come to my blog to find out what the hell is going on to at least give an overview and point them to relevant tapes.

Smart Meters
The first one involves DTE Smart meters. Again I really don't want to talk about this one because for a brief time I worked at DTE. They gave me my first internship and I don't trust myself enough to talk about it without that coloring my opinion, but it's my blog and I don't have the cash to tell someone else to write about it.

A few months ago, April 4 to be precise, DTE provided city council with a presentation about smart meters, (again in full disclosure I knew the presenter from my time with DTE) this was mostly just to provide some facts and make sure everyone felt comfortable with it.

Then, on August 15 Richard Meltzer came to city council with some concerns about the meters. Among them were health, privacy, and lack of an opt out program.

Council then asked Meltzer to speak at the August 22, 2011 televised meeting.

The Council agreed to look into it and sent the issue to the legislative committee. Over the past few weeks the issue has been cropping up again and again.

In the last city council meeting a group campaigning to get the meters banned attended, spoke and gave the council DVDs about the issue.

Relevant Links
An article from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Detailing the history of Smart Meters in Michigan

A New York Times article about a similar campaign in California

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