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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Album Review : Puddle of Mudd: Re:(Disc)overed

Puddle of Mudd

Alright, if you didn't realize it when I reviewed the George Thorogood Album, I don't mind covers. Heck sometimes I even like them when they are old enough or when I like both artists enough that I want to see both interpretations of a song. (Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix,Richie Havens) (David Bowie,Nirvana) (Barrett Strong, The Beatles), ( The Beatles,Pearl Jam, Sexperience )(Bob Dylan,Guns 'n' Roses)(Soulsonic Force, Rage Against the Machine)(Sound Garden, The Memorials)

It also helps me to get into older artist I didn't know. I first heard about Led Belly by listening to Nirvana's cover of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" on their Unplugged album and of course finding out about the weird history of "Black Betty".

Today I'm reviewing Puddle of Mudd's Re:(Disc)overed which is well a cover album. I am writing this as I'm listening so it's going to be a bit odder than my usual reviews. Most of the songs on the album I've heard and I like.

The Stone's "Gimme Shelter" is a personal favorite, and I would totally love it no matter what, unless they totally wrecked it. For reference Judas Priest's version of "Johnny B. Goode" is not "Johnny B. Goode". They don't, which is going to be one of the problems I have as I review this thing.

_judas-priest-johnny-b-goode by stefgag

Listening to "Old Man" I'm realizing that it's one of those songs that I've heard a lot, but never realized I've heard. I know a bit how the original song sounds, but I like Puddle of Mudd's spin on it.

Their version of AC/DC's "TNT" is next, which is good because I always had a hard time finding digital versions of AC/DC songs. I know it may be lame to say, but for some of the younger generation covers like this might be the only way they get to hear songs like this, at least legally. That is another article. At least the Beatles are on iTunes now.

Now we get into the weird. A song I haven't heard. I wasn't much of a Stevie Nicks fan so I I'm going into this one blind. I kind of like "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" though.

Oh God. The Joker. For both versions, when life needs to just slow down and good times need to be had that song can't help but make me crack a grin. You do what you in the hopes that the serenity this songs promises can fill the world. And forever will I play my music in the sun, cause I sure don't want to hurt no one.

Next one is another I don't know, "Everyone Wants You." I dig it though.

"Rocket Man" covers are always weird, because for the most part nobody does it the same way ever since Shatner did it. It's seems the boys are doing it in the style of Elton John. They did him proud I think.

"All Right now" is another one of those songs that I've heard a billion times, thanks to commercials, but didn't know who sung it or wrote it. That said I really dig it.

God Damn it will never look at The White Stripes "You Don't Know What Love is" the same way after listening to "Shooting Star". Damn you Jack White.

Again another song that I've heard, but didn't know I've heard before in "D'yner Maker". That said it sounds only vaguely familiar so I can't make a comparison. It sort of goes into this pattern of happy begging then darkly pleading.

As tired as I am of saying it, the same goes for "Funk #49". It's a song I recognize, but didn't know I liked. That said I do like it in its '70s classic rock goodness.

So what's up over all? The songs these guys picked are good songs. How much you like or dislike the album is probably going to depend on your attitude towards covers and how much good will you have towards Puddle of Mudd.

Since I've liked them for a while and like hearing different versions of songs I like, I dig it.

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