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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Online Groceries Are Not New, Nor Is Amazon Making Acquisitions

Anytime Amazon does anything involving food I end up having to read a slew of think pieces about how, "they are thinking about getting into grocery business" and I'm just about sick of it.

The truth is that Amazon has been trying to get into groceries for nearly 20 years. Groceries are one of the few goods that are really hard to sell online, for obvious reasons.

And since before there even was an online everybody knew the person to figure that out would be rich.

And right now there are lots of people trying.

The egg everybody is trying to crack is how do you deliver perishables cheaply and quickly and again it's not like Amazon has been sitting on its hands.

Everybody knows that the go-to solution to food transportation has been to use existing grocery infrastructure to shorten transit times so why are we treating the fact that Amazon bought a grocer as a surprise.

It's kind of what they do. Everybody knows that's how Google makes money but Amazon survived the dot-com bubble by basically buying everything that wasn't nailed to the floor and trying to figure out something to do with it. There is a reason why they named their A.I. Alexa.

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