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Monday, June 19, 2017

Go Go Science-Fantasy Powers Activate

Gentleman Broncos is a pretty terrible movie. Largely because it's trying to be weird and alienating. And it dismisses the one thing that might have redeemed it. Gentleman Broncos embraces weird ass goofy science fiction. It does it ironically but it does it.

Gentleman Broncos is an ironic love letter to goofy ass out there science-fantasy. and I love goofy ass out there science-fantasy.

For decades we've been trying to smooth the transition between what's been in writers' and artists' minds and we're finally getting somewhere close.  It's possible on a nearly practical level to make a direct adaptation of what was written or drawn.

But it's also lead to this impetus to run away from stuff. To run away from the more fantastical elements of science fiction under the assumption that that stuff didn't work right at the time we can do it but right.   And it's like totally bumin' me out man. 

I can understand a preference for hard science-fiction. Sometimes I'm right there with everybody else. But science-fantasy shouldn't disappear.

The reason why it often didn't work is as I said because filmmakers often didn't have an easy and monetarily efficient way to translate the visuals of comics and the writing of paperback novels to the screen.

That's not really the case anymore. We should be going nuts, absolutely insane. Bonkers.

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