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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Need A Good Sherriff

So all my disneystalgia made me go back and revisit the tale of the patron saint of modern guile heroes and watching the simpering idiot that is Prince John made me realize something. Your story is only as smart as its stupidest character.

See part of what makes Robin (all Robins) fun is watching him run circles around the sheriff, the prince, and whoever is hunting him this go 'round. When those guys are idiots it makes it really hard to break out the a-material on the heists and con jobs.

Apart from luck there is no real suspense that these guys will get caught. If something goes wrong which it has to the marks probably won't notice if they're imbeciles. Why waste the effort when you could wing it and come out just as good.

Nope you need a smart villain. Somebody who can think almost as fast if not faster than Robin. Who can figure out and likely foil the plan. Made all the more dangerous because despite being on the right side of the law he is freed of the rules Robin plays by.

Somebody who doesn't care about collateral damage. He wants him. He doesn't care what it takes or who gets hurt. Robin is the fly in his ointment.

There is an order to things. Right or wrong there is an order. And that man defies it. Defiles it. No. That can not stand.  This Hood must be made an example. The law is the law and your king is your king and all his subjects owe him not just absolute allegiance but obedience.

This bandit thieves on his roads, and spends his gold. The gold meant for his majesty's loyal soldiers, men who risk their lives for their king. That can not stand. All the same it would be a mistake to call him a simple brigand. The people love him. They love him more than they love the law. This can not stand. Fear is a good tool but it has been tried and has been of no help against this hood.

How do we find the man who lives in the wood, who can move among the trees as the night owl and slip in and out of the castle walls as easily blighted vermin.   Do we use his pride. Do we use his lust. Do we use his wrath.

He is a thief, vice incarnate. He will succumb and when he does he will meet his noose.

Sorry I lost myself in the character for a moment.  Go chaotic good.

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