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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why Superman Shouldn't Kill or Rather Why Superman Shouldn't Kill Lightly

Okay so in my Man of Steel review I said that I wasn't on board with the whole Superman shouldn't kill band wagon with the prior knowledge before watching it that that was one of the deal breakers for fans.  And I think I should clarify that.

Along with the many metaphors about Superman's symbolism of hope he also represents the responsible use of power. In most Superman conflicts it's not a fair fight by the simple nature of Superman.

Being the boyscout he is, he actually cares about that. It's not just about stopping the bad guy but stopping the bad guy in a way where the fight doesn't go too far.

Or more subtlely.

Green Lantern said it best. "We have to be held accountable. We have to much power not to be."

The "Superman is willing to kill" story is sort of interesting not because oh Superman is willing to kill. But because crossing that line means that Superman for whatever reason is willing to stop being Superman, that in that moment there is something he values more than all the other stuff that matters to him, that makes him him.  Superman is kind of passionate about the stuff he cares about. Heck that more or less the arc of everyone around him, realizing he isn't just talking a good game, but actually believes and is willing to fight for truth and justice, and for that matter is one of Lex's major beefs as he believes that nobody is that good and sooner or later Supes is going to get a con over on everybody else. Nip it in the bud now.

So the question becomes what is so big it could make Superman decide to take off the badge and go Vic Vega rules.

What can drive him that up the wall. It can't be an immediate threat because well, it's Superman the entire premise of this guy is at least physically he can handle anything. It has to be something deeper than that. The things villains are made of.

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