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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let's Play the Or Not Game

A "friend" of mine has intimacy issues. It takes this "friend" a long time to become comfortable enough with people to interact with them at all let alone romantically. Because of this fact, this "friend" has had very few romantic experiences. People around, this "friend" have noticed this and have occasionally asked, "this friend" if they are gay.

This "friend" having such limited romantic experiences does not know who they are attracted to, does not feel the question affects them in their daily life, and prefers leaving the answer open as answering it even unto themselves would have certain implications.

This "friend", not particularly caring about romantic interaction in general does not want to take on the implications of being homosexual or bisexual, or transgendered without actually knowing or particularly caring one way or the other, since "this friend" finds the question moot and is constantly annoyed by it.

As a result, this, "friend" is particularly interested in the framework of post-structural feminism which rejects sexual and gender binaries.

And this "friend" swears to God that if anybody makes a thing out of this, "friend" will kick their asses!

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