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Thursday, July 18, 2013

If This Were A Real Paper

  • Cameras and Lenses
  • Video Camera
  • External Microphone and Audio Equipment
  • New Printer and Scanner
  • Podcast/Webcast Studio Area
  • Updated Office, Graphics, Web Design, Audio Editing,Video Editing, Screen Capture and GIS Software
  • Live Feed Switcher With Overlay Capability
  • Monitor, HDMI Cable and Switcher
  • New Web Host
  • Dedicated Laptop/Tablet
  • Media Storage
  • Organizational External PVR, Media Storage and categorization software (Who said what where)
  • Digital Security
  • PACER Account
  • Lexis Nexis Account
  • Police Scanner
  • Premium Ustream/Livestream Account
  • Travel Expense Account
  • Skype Handset
  • Skype Phone Number
  • A.P. Wire Service
  • Staff (Copy Editor, Proofreader, Artist, Photographer, Videographers, Reporters, Section Editor, Literary Writers, Columnists)
  • Lansing, Washington, New York, and L.A.  Bureaus
  • Event (Conference, Panel, Fundraiser) Budget
  • FOIA and External Printing Budget
  • Legal Counsel (What can I record? What can I print? Am I in danger of libel?)
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Budget
  • Advertising Sales Staff
  • Media (Movies, Concerts, Albums) Review Budget
  • Printing Press
  • Reference Books
  • General Office Supplies
  • White Board/Bulletin Board


  • New Chair
  • Brief Case 
  • Trench Coat
  • Lifetime supply of Coke Cola, (I think better when I'm on the stuff. Perfect combo of caffeine and sugar, to keep me going 'till 4 in the morning.)

And while I'm at it how about a fedora.

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