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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

General Misanthropic Posturing About the Downfall of Detroit

Facebook rantings of the last eh hour or so. 

Well it's official my opinion of Congress could not get any lower. [ After indidividually saying more or less they wouldn't try to help the city.]

By the way since Congress is freely elected I should add my opinion of humanity in general couldn't get any lower.

Which, sums up how we got here in the first place, a cesspool of crocked politicians, racist opportunists, corporate greed, and incompetent administration that is almost unimaginable. I hate humanity.

Then again all of that crap is the cost of free will. At the end of the day yes we will be cruel, stupid, violent, greedy, arrogant, vengeful and petty. Because we can be. And being able to be those things is better than the alternative. 

... So am I saying the collapse of Detroit is the price of freewill? Dear god. Send me to the re-education camp.

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