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Saturday, August 25, 2012

If I Were A Rich Man #1:Home Automation

Keep in mind almost all of the this stuff exists. Making my Jarvis.

General Stuff
  • Storage Server
  • Secure Wifi
  • Windows Server Edition on All Computers (They will duel boot)
  • Vertical Space Utilization (Up Not Out)

  • Media Servers Connected Across all devices and computers (for movies, and music)
  • Wireless Digital Picture Frames
  • Wireless Set Top Boxes and Internet Connected TVs
  • Wall Mounted Displays For Larger Art (If I were a rich man)
  • DVR recording to media server
  • Music Content
  • Audio Levels on Music
  • Voice Activation on all of the above
  • Digital Radio Receiver
  • Speakers in every room


  • Top of the Line Computers (I'm not going into specs they always change anyway)
  • Multiple OS Booting on each computer. (I keep saying I'm going to slap linux on each new computer I get and doing it on one with the hard drive mostly filled is a b... you know.)
  • Multiple Large Touch Screen Monitors surrounding me (I've been checking out monitor clamps)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound in each room
  • Wireless Monitor Cables so what's on the screen can be transmitted to other places in the house.
  • Bluetooth
  • Siri

Mobile Computing (All containing various network and automation software)

  • Laptop (Duel Booting, networked, blady blady bla)
  • Iphone and / Android Phone (Same Dealie)
  • I-pad

Actual Automation and Macro Programing. (Controlled by Smartphone, tablet,laptop.. okay any computer and automated through integration with Google Calender or Microsoft Outlook)

  • Digital Thermostat
  • Sound Dampening Technology
  • Self Cleaning Literbox (Don't like cats but if I did...)
  • Automated shower cleaner
  • Garden and Lawn Irrigation System
  • Roomba Vacuum
  • Sprinkler Fire Suppression
  • Doors
  • Curtain and Blinds
  • Speaker Control
  • Windows
  • Blinds
  • Lighting,dimmers and colored lighting (measured in frequency and intensity)
  • Music (All sound volumes shall be measured in decibels not the arbitrary units of manufacturers)
  • Television
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Sleep Number Bed or Air Mattress
  • Picture Frames
  • Voice Activation across the board
  • water temperature, timer,volume,nozzle,flow and, pressure controls (Okay I thought the Dilbert tech was cool.

  • Humidity control
  • Infrastructure sensors (Energy Auditing, bandwidth,water pressure, ect)
  • Air quality control and filtration (If it isn't clear by now I have allergies okay)
  • Some sort of personalized alarm (I liked the scene in Zenon
Hell I don't know why I don't do it now. I have the tech.)

Kitchen (Better Cooking Through Science!)

  • General Equipment Integrated into system (I have an Amazon wishlist okay)
  • Temperature Sensors integrated into stove as well as wireless cooking thermometers
  • Smart Refrigerator that can interface with I-pad
  • Grocery Inventory Program and Scanners at cabinet and fridge
  • Laptop/I-pad for recipes
  • Interfaced Wall Monitor for kitchen
  • Timers that interface into all other household devices
  • The Ability to Turn off but not on (safety) stove and oven from automation program
  • Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal
  • Vacuum Sealing (The Foodsaver)
  • Water volume sensors
  • Automated Drink Mixer (Who likes margaritas.)
  • Electronic Cooking Scale
Security (Lock it down!)
  • Standard Antivirus, Firewall, and Encryption Tech (Yeah I'll probably need more than that.)
  • Security camera's recording to media server.
  • Door Camera and Speaker
  • Electronic Locks (Okay that might just be overkill)
  • Motion Detectors
  • Exterior Lights
  • Alarm
  • Weight Sensors at door (You steal; I know.)
  • Electronic bolt and strike locks...multiple ones... at all points of entry including windows
  • Automatic Alarms sent to cell phone in case of home intrusion (You steal; I know.)
  • Door Reinforcement (Nothing like 5 inches of steel and concrete to keep intruders out, though now I think I'm just getting paranoid.)
  • Blast doors (Since I've tiped the paranoid scale already)
  • GPS on high value items.
  • The voice activated key beeper (not technically security but damn it how many times have I lost my keys?)


  • Voice Activated Speaker Phone Integrated with Outlook and Google Contacts.
  • Integrated Caller ID
  • Skype Integration
  • Pamela for recording phone calls
  • Video Phone (with ability to overlay levels and switch to other video feeds)
  • All ready went into the smart phones
  • Text to speech software to read emails as well as speech to text to dictate them
  • Satellite dish (Eh why not.)
  • Twitter and facebook integrated into monitors (Xbox already does it)

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