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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Prince's Journey

A young warrior prince, and his army returned to his father's citadel after long campaign. While the retreating journey to return through the desert was harrowing, even more so was the battle leading to the retreat. Though his mind does not know why, his heart senses something of the battle does not sit right.

Before entering the fortress' keep he enters the hollowed out boulder the fortress' blacksmith has made his home to ask if he could repair his spear. He commands the men to return to his father and tell him of the campaign's outcome.

The smith's nature is laconic so it has become the princes habit to do the talking for both of them while blades are being forged and repaired. On this day his words turn to the battle. The blacksmith who has never spoken more than ten words to the prince in his score of years chooses now to speak two.

"Show me"

The blacksmith pores water onto the hot coals creating a thick miasma that surrounds the two. The prince senses a cut on his right shoulder but can not see from where it came. Grabbing a freshly forged scimitar he yells for his guard, but realizes he is too far off to be heard.

The princes calms himself and waits. He hears the steps of the smith and strikes for his leg. Before the sword meets flesh the blacksmith calls out to him and says. " I meant no harm but I think I know something of this enemy you faced."

I need to start working on older stuff, but... yeah here is another idea I want to put it here before I forget it because it was a dream. Also, in the dream the prince originally was one of Mozenrath's from Aladdin's generals.

Mozenrath by *ChemicalAlia on deviantART

I will save it for something else later.

P.S. I always thought Moze had good menace. I like that in a villain. Also in these types of stories I always related to the blacksmith character I'll get on that more in another post.

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