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Saturday, January 8, 2011

We are not idiots!

I just got NetFlix. It has tons of TV shows including Law and Order SVU. I used to like the show but watching around 10 episodes back to back I'm realizing something.

The writers think young people are stupid!

I'm tired of watching episodes where young people are made to look sympathetic because they're too stupid to realize what they did was wrong. If a twelve year old knows what sex is, he should know forcing someone to have sex is wrong. If a psychologist tells a 15 year old to take meds she should be smart enough to take them.

Maybe I was weird when I was a bit younger but I and 75% of my peers had some god damn sense. I'll admit young folks can be a bit impulsive and maybe a bit selfish but on the major stuff like murder and rape we know the difference between right and wrong.

The one thing that keeps ratling off in my head about the diffence between my genration and previous one is that we are skeptics. We don't believe anything unless we get at least 20 google hits from respectable sources confirming it. We call bull shit on almost everything. We have to. One of the things we had to figure out real ricky tick was figuring out when through ignorance or malice some form of media was being less than truthful. One of the first rules of life we learn is never take any piece of information for granted.

In short we are the, "pics or it didn't happen" generation.

My folks always tell me that sooner or later I have to trust what people say. Heck no. within minutes I can find out the truth, and whats more I know it. Its bad time in history to be a liar.

The point is we are not so easy to influence. We know that half of our heroes are made of bull and can say what they say and do what they do because they are rich and famous. Their world isn't ours.

We know that the other half of our heroes are stuck in their ways and are blinded by their own arrogance to see maybe that they don't know everything about everything.

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