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Friday, December 31, 2010

Origin story for a new Idea though I probably should work on the old ones

The Map of Ages

They say there lives or lived a being, perhaps a god who lived outside of space and time who observed simultaneously all that is, was and will be. In this god's solitude he feared madness would overtake him so while still sane he began to record all that he had seen. Think of the possibilities of such a record, a true and complete history and prophesy. Knowledge of what happened a hundred years ago and what will happen a hundred years hence, not just where one is born, not just on earth, but through the entirety of the universe. What could we mere small and tiny mortals, whose knowledge is fractured and incomplete gain from such a record? What would we give to read the mind of a god?

Blame Riverworld.
Somewhere down the line this will become expository dialogue.

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