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Friday, May 5, 2017

Why Can't We Just Let Clark Be Clark

So the House just passed its Obamacare repeal. I don't think the thing has a chance in hell of passing in the Senate but I'll bite. I wish there was one man who could make the case for the powerful and capable to act on behalf of those that can't help themselves, who represented the compassion of the New Deal. This is a job for.

Look whenever I start talking old-timey comics it makes me want to talk about how disappointed I am that people keep trying to fundamentally change the nature of Superman. And I know in the wake Batman V Superman it's getting old but still can't ya'll just let Clark Kent be Clark Kent?

The entire point of that character, his entire reason for being is to represent the idea that if you can do good you should do good.

That's it.

Superman is the most powerful being on earth. If he wanted to he could walk into the White House and declare himself God Emporor of mankind, but he doesn't because the thing he wants most in all of the world isn't money or power, or revenge or glory but to help people.

That is Superman. To him all the anger, and fear, and loneliness and greed, and pride and laziness, that keeps us from being the best of ourselves are small things to be overcome because they are small things we CAN overcome.

There will ALWAYS be a job for Superman.

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