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Sunday, May 28, 2017

That's A Paladin

So after Legend of the Sword, film YouTube and film Twitter are basically saying, King Arthur movies are dead.

To which I say, LIKE HELL THEY ARE!

Look for the past 10 years or so the largest fantasy property in the collective consciousness has basically been a brutal deconstruction of fantasy tropes, namely the ones that King Arthur codified.

And I love Game of Thrones, I love George R.R. Martin.

But I think it's about time we had a straight version of all that stuff. And that means that instead of trying to explain away or ignore all the goofy stuff in the Arthurian legend you would need to have to lean into it with absolute earnestness and sincerity.

Lean into the fact, we are talking about a guy who was ordained by Almighty God to lead a chaotic, unstable Britain into a golden age of moral righteousness and has a couple holy artifacts lying around to prove the fact.

And yes I know saying it outloud sounds batshit insane, but that's King Arthur. I love the Fate series

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